Volume 3 Issue 3, September-October 2021

Effect of dietary supplementation of Non-Antibiotic growth promoter on performance parameters in Cobb 430 broiler chickens

Chandrashekaran D || Bhagwat G Vishwanath || Balamurugan Ellusamy || Rangesh Paramesh

Country - India

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Replacing antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) with alternative feed additives is of significant research interest in the poultry industry. The present study aimed to evaluate the effect of Non-Antibiotic growth promoter (NAGP), a phytogenic feed additive, on growth performance parameters in Cobb 430 commercial broiler chickens. In this study, 180 (age, 1 day) Cobb 430 male broiler chickens were allocated equally into three groups (6 replicates/group; 10 birds/replicate): group 1 (G1) acted as a control; group 2 (G2) received NAGP (500 g/ton); and group 3 (G3) received a conventional AGP (cAGP; 125 g/ton). All birds were raised on a normal commercial broiler feed and concurrently supplemented with NAGP (500 g/ton) and cAGP (125 g/ton) to G2 and G3, respectively. Growth performance parameters, such as body weight, average daily gain (ADG), feed intake (FI), and feed conversion ratio (FCR) were evaluated on days 1, 7, 14, 21, and 35. The study was conducted for 35 days. The results of the present study revealed that there was 22.70 and 30.60 g increase in the body weight in the groups treated with NAGP and cAGP on days 21 (starter phase) and 35 (finisher phase), respectively. Moreover, FCR improved in the birds treated with NAGP compared with the birds in the control and cAGP groups; that is, the birds supplemented with NAGP consumed 30 and 24 g less feed per unit body weight gain compared with those in the control and cAGP groups, respectively. It is evident from the present study results those properties of NAGP are comparable to that of AGPs as supplementation of NAGP augmented growth performance parameters, such as body weight, ADG, FI, and FCR, in Cobb 430 broiler chickens. Hence, NAGP, at a dose of 500 g/ton, could be administered as a phytogenic feed additive, an alternative to AGP in commercial broiler diet to improve broiler performance.